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Who are GTP? "We are Perth's SEO experts that have created thousands of page 1 rankings for hundreds of Perth businesses for years.

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“If You Are Not Page 1 – You Will Fail to Thrive”

Want to Thrive? – We get you multiple page 1 rankings, for more keywords, for less & faster,  driving up leads and sales for years to come. 

Who are GTP?  – Since 1996, we’ve been delivering success stories, transforming Perth businesses from struggling startups or static enterprises into thriving and profitable businesses

We love being part of this transformation.

Our Goals for you are simple:

  1. Drive a steady flow of ready-to-engage prospects to you, by putting you on page 1 for multiple terms. 
  2. Keeping you miles ahead of competitors by blending cutting-edge SEO techniques and AI tools.
  3. Drive up your profitability by making you so much in demand that your  turnover explodes and your prices must go up.

At GTP iCommerce, we’ve shown that SEO is a critical strategy where SEO is often the dominant driver to trusting your brand and delivering consistent client acquisition.

We know that your dreams of running a highly profitable business at full capacity with growth targets being achieved is available when underpinned by a low cost client acquisition strategy of free traffic from page one google rankings.

We’re about the long term delivery of a predictable steady flow of relevant, high-quality visitors to your site.

YES! Dominate the Digital Scene with GTP iCommerce

Unveiling Perth's Top-Tier SEO Solutions. What We Do Better, Faster and More Cost-Effectively!

01. On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO at GTP iCommerce is the crafting of a master recipe, where each ingredient – from content to code – is carefully selected and optimised for the search engines’ palate. We meticulously enhance every element, ensuring your website not only garners attention but also maintains a dominant position in Perth’s SEO landscape. 

02. Off-Page SEO

Want to know our secret sauce? We have huge strengths in effective Off-Page SEO which sets us apart.  What the hell is that you ask?  This is the skill of building influential connections outside your website back to you.  Known as “backlinks”, we build the right alliances for you with a network that multiplies your websites credibility and authority. Our team excels in creating these essential bonds.

03. Technical SEO

It might  sound like blah, blah blah blah to you, but its really money, money, money in your bank when done right.  For Technical SEO, we are skilled technicians, tweaking every aspect of your site performance. From optimising load times, server responses, caching behaviour & hosting environments.  Our focus is to keep your website fast and efficient, pleasing both search engines and users.

04. SEO Audits

Don’t worry, we are consistently auditing and refining your site for SEO improvements when you are with us. Conducting an SEO Audit with us is a comprehensive health assessment for your website. We scrutinise key details, from the content to the code, providing a detailed analysis that identifies issues to be rectified.  Ongoing audits on direct feedback tools keep your site in prime condition to outperform competitors.

05. SEO Copywriting

Do you want to talk to our team, make an appointment, get more information after reading what we can do for you?  That’s what our copywriting service is focused on for your services.  To weave magic with words, creating content that resonates with your audience that gets action but must also rank well on search engines. We’ll help you create a mix of compelling narratives with strategic keyword placement. This ensures your content is not only engaging but also drives traffic and conversions.

06. Local SEO

Do you like to buy locally because most people do? We’ll deliver local SEO to the suburb level so your next door neighbour will find you top of a Google search when needing your services.  Combine this with Google My Business map pack optimisation for a double blow to competitors. We specialise in optimising your online presence to enhance visibility for your services, within the many Perth communities, drawing in customers locally.

07. SEO Migration

Moving to a new site? When it comes to SEO Migration, think of us as the expert movers who handle your website’s transition with utmost precision. We ensure that your site retains its SEO value and rankings during the move, safeguarding against any potential drops in traffic or visibility, much like carefully manoeuvering a game of Jenga.

Mastering Perth SEO with GTP iCommerce: Your Trusted SEO Partner

Experience World-Class SEO Expertise Right in the Heart of Perth – Where GTP Strategy Delivers Life Changing Outcomes

There’s a fine line between the ordinary and the extraordinary in SEO services. Our approach to Perth SEO is different and innovative, fast and effective.


Showcasing Client Outcomes with

At, better known as GTP iCommerce, we pride ourselves on taking struggling & flat businesses and transforming them to growth companies working at capacity & taking on staff to deal with the newfound demand.

We love seeing our clients enjoying profitable success and the new choices this brings.

By leveraging our profound SEO mastery,  and deep market insights, we’ll strategically position your company to capture and engage ready to buy clients.

Our teams innovative methods leverage technology, AI and old fashioned human smarts to deliver more for less.  See below for some client success examples.


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